Smartbox Neural Data Acquisition System

Product Code: 5

SmartBox G2: Plug-and-Play probe-centric electrophysiology system for recording and stimulation, with built-in optogenetics support.
• Multi-modal experiment support
• Advanced electrical stimulation (arbitrary waveform, high frequency modulation)
• Optogenetics stimulation
• Out-of-box support for Thorlabs LED light sources
• Supports next generation NNx Optrode with on-silicon integrated LED light sources
• Probe diagnostic function (impedance check, probe conditioning)
• USB3 support (>256-channel recording)

Acquisition Channel Count: > 256*
ADC: 16-bit
Sampling Rates: Up to 30k Hz/channel
Low Input referred noise: 2.4 μVrms
Input Range: ± 5 mV
Cutoff Frequency: 0.1 – 20,000 Hz

Number of Channels: 4
DAC: 16-bit
Compliance Voltage: ± 9 V
Modulation Frequency: Up to 50 kHz
Output Type: Constant current
Output Range: ± 10 mA (Stimulation mode) ± 1 mA (Plating mode)
Output Resolution: 0.5 μA (Stimulation mode) 50 μA (Plating mode)
Supported Waveform: Arbitrary

Number of Channels: 4
Compliance Voltage: 5V
Modulation Frequency: Up to 500 Hz
Output Range: 0 – 1.5 A
Output Resolution: 1 mA
Supported Waveform: Arbitrary