Global Biotech

Is a pioneer global distributor for biological technologies. We distribute high-quality and precision products and technologies to neuroscience, neural-engineering, neural-prosthetics research and clinical communities worldwide. Our goal is to offer excellent products with competitive prices for customers.

What we supply?

The products we supply cover almost all of the precision instruments and related products you could use for neuroscience research. Global Biotech is the distributor for the global leading companies listed below.

Why you choose us?

We supply you not only the products but also the professional customer service. When you purchase products from Global Biotech, we sell you the components that seamlessly add to your existing set-up. We install the products for you and assist you to maintain them in the perfect functional condition. We could support the surgery operation in case you are not familiar with how to use the products; and from there on, as you generate your data, we look into ways to help you improve their performance.

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