rDBSA (Deep brain stimulation)

Product Code: 56

The rDBSA is a high-resolution multichannel probe for use in DBS research in animal models, developed from our innovative clinical DBS technology.
The rDBSA’s novel design enables more precise, selective, and tunable microstimulation of deep brain structures. This establishes a significantly enhanced neural interface that enables more flexibility in electrode positioning, more precise current delivery, and more selective stimulation programming.

There are two rDBSA designs currently available. Type 1 features linear columns of microelectrode sites, and Type 2 utilizes offset sites.
NOTE: Standard Probes can also be used for stimulation.

The rDBSA uses an Omnetics Nano 36-pin headstage connection.

Electrode Site Material Platinum
Substrate Material Polyamide
Lead Diameter 0.75 mm
Penetration Length up to 45 mm
Electrode Contact Shape Elliptical
Channel Count 32