Porsolt “Forced Swim” Test

Product Code: 144

The Porsolt “Forced Swim” Test (also known as the behavioral despair test) is the most commonly used test for assessment of depression in animal models. The test is commonly used to measure the effect of antidepressant drugs on behavior. The animals learn that escape is impossible and become immobile, moving only to keep their heads above water. Increased immobility is interpreted as depression. The Porsolt cylinder accommodates top-down and side camera positioning for automated detection of immobility behavior with ANY-maze video tracking software.


Handles for convenient carrying, positioning, emptying and cleaning

The Porsolt Arena accommodates top and side camera placement, and is well suited for use with both Mice and Rats

Center drain

Valve for water level adjustment and initial emptying

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60160 Porsolt (Forced Swim) Test, Mouse/Rat

Diameter Depth

20cm 45cm