Nerve Cuff

Product Code: 60

MicroProbes’ novel Nerve Cuff electrodes are designed for reliable recording and/or stimulation of any peripheral nerve.

They can be used acutely or for chronic implantation, with a wide selection of inner diameters available to be selected based on the nerve diameter.

The Nerve Cuffs are designed to provide flexibility in electrode contact location for recording and stimulation protocols.

Flexible Cuff Electrodes for Recording and Stimulation.

Standard nerve cuff

Many custom combinations of inner diameters and contact arrangements.

tripolar nerve cuff

Complex Tri-polar recording/stimulating sets.

concentric nerve cuff

Multiple contacts around a single point of the nerve, allowing recording or stimulation at different locations around the same point.


For both acute and chronic experiments.

1 – 24 electrode sites.

Broad range of available inner diameters, from 5 mm down to as small as 56 µm.

Customizable electrode arrangements, including concentric and tribipolar.

Adaptable to interface with the acquisition system of your choice.

Suitable for rodent, feline, bird, and primate research.

Standard cuffs (1.0 – 5.0 mm i.d.) Optional sutures

Metal type and thickness d=inner diameter (i.d.)

125 μm stranded Stainless Steel 1.0-5.0mm

100 μm platinum 1.0-2.0mm

250 μm platinum 2.0-5.0mm

Micro cuffs (0.3, 0.5 and 0.75 mm i.d.) d=inner diameter (i.d.)

100 μm platinum 0.5-0.75mm

50 µm Platinum/Iridium 0.3mm

Nano cuffs(56 – 250 µm i.d.) d=inner diameter (i.d.)

25 µm Platinum/Iridium 160-250µm

12.5 µm Platinum/Iridium 56-140µm