MrI-Compatible ventilator

Product Code: 271

Non-magnetic pneumatic valves
Dependable all-electronic ventilator
Wide tidal volume and rate range
Mouse to Guinea Pig size
Safe with oxygen and anesthesia
Direct readout of volume and rate
The newest generation of the pressure-fed small animal ventilator can be used during MRI imaging. The MRI ventilator is supplied with a sophisticated external, remotecontrolled high speed pneumatic valve system. The control unit is separate from all non-metallic remote components, ensuring the safety in operation.
These ventilators function on “flow-time”; i.e., inspiration flow is set and run for a known time, producing a known volume. Requires a separate source of compressed air or helium for operation of the pneumatic valves (not included.)

Respiratory rate range 5 – 150 breaths/min
Inspiratory flow range 50 – 1000 ml/min
Inspiration/Expiration (I/E ratio) range 20 – 80%
Tidal volume range 0.1 – 30ml
Internal airpump capacity 4 lpm
Port connections 1/8″ (3mm) ID Tygon tubing
SYNC OUT connector BNC
Data Port connector DB-25S
Dimensions 9W x 5.5H x 9D in. (23 x 14 x 23cm)
Weight 12 lbs. (5.5 kg)
Power requirements 120/240V (switchable), 100VA