Micromotor Drill

Product Code: 211

High Speed Drilling with Easy Positioning. Allows for a slender profile and easy hand-grip.

This high-speed, Micromotor Drill (up to 38,000 rpm) is configured for stereotaxic surgery, particularly in soft-skull animals, such as neonatal rats and mice. It’s perfect for use with the 51725 Just for Mice™ Stereotaxic.

Micromotor technology allows the hand piece itself to contain the motor, yet still maintain a slender profile for easy hand grip.

The compact control includes switches for Power On/Off, Forward or Reverse Rotation, with Manual or Foot Speed Control. Speed can be adjusted from low to full speed using the dial on the box, or with the foot pedal. An Overload Protector Light turns red and sounds a small beeping alarm when the motor stalls. The back of the control box has a convenient voltage selector switch for operating in either 110 or 220 volt — no need to specify 220 volt when ordering. Miniature Carbide Drill Bit Kit included (51448).

Drill bits included:

Head Dia. mm Head Length mm

.2 .2

.5 .4

.7 .5

.79 .5

1.0 .8

2.1 1.9

2.35 2.1

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