Microelectrode array inserter

Product Code: 72

The Blackrock pneumatically-actuated inserter is a device for implanting highdensity microelectrode arrays into brain, spinal cord and peripheral-nerve tissue. Its high-speed momentum-impulse insertion mechanism facilitates complete array implantation with minimal tissue damage. Adjustable insertion speed and implantation depth allows researchers to optimize device settings for different electrode configurations and tissue preparations.

Key Features

>> High-speed pneumatic insertion

>> Adjustable implantation depth

>> Minimal tissue insult

>> In vivo or in vitro preparations

>> Sterilizable

Control Module

Pressure range 0 to 30 PSI

Controls Power, trigger enable, trigger

Dimensions 305 mm (L) x 305 mm (W) x 127 mm (H)

Weight 7.25 Kg

Power 110 VAC/2 A or 220 VAC/1 A


Dimensions 254 mm (L) x 8 mm (D)

Weight 71 g

Trigger/Trigger Cable:

Dimensions 76 mm (L) x 0.2 mm (D)/2 m (L)