Incapacitance Meter

Product Code: 167

Test for measurement of paw pain inflammation

The Incapacitance Meter automatically measures hindlimb inflammation in mice and rats. Weight distribution in both hindlimbs is measured and thus, any tendency for the animal to shift its weight from one side to another provides a quantitative measurement of incapacitance.

The Incapacitance Tester offers an automatic and reproducible assessment of analgesic potency by measuring the weight distribution on the two hind paws of a small subject. The force exerted by each limb (measured in grams) is averaged over a user selectable period thus indicating any tendency for the subject to shift its weight from one side to another, hence providing a quantitative measurement of incapacitance.

The technique of dual channel weight averaging overcomes a number of deficiencies inherent in the traditional methods of assessment (Randall and Selitto 1957) by presenting continuous monitoring of both limbs and by eliminating the subjectivity of the withdrawal method.

The Incapacitance Meter has been developed and validated by researchers and engineers from the Neuroscience Unit of a leading pharmaceutical company where it is used routinely.

The instrument is easy to operate and apart from periodic checking of the calibration, requires no maintenance. The display unit on the front panel indicates experimental status information and results. Data can be logged to a PC via the serial interface which has the capacity to handle up to 256 units. A simple software program acquires and stores the results along with the experimental data assuring compliance with GLP guidelines.

The Incapacitance Meter is simple to operate and, aside from periodic calibration, requires minimal maintenance. All functions are controlled using the three buttons via menus on the large high-contrast display or via the Meter software.

The Incapacitance Meter features:

Averaging Period: 0-255 seconds

Accurate to 0.1g

RS232 Output for PC or Printer

Up to 255 units can be interconnected

Foot switch provided for hands-free operation

Large, high-contrast display

Incapacitance Meter Software (included)

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Dimensions: 420(W) x 245(D) x 210(H) mm (Including positioner)
Weight: 5.2Kg
Controller: H8 Microcontroller with 32K on-board memory
Display: 16 x 2 Character Vacuum Fluorescent Display
Load Cells: Max Capacity 2Kg* 16Bit (0.03g per step)
Amplifiers: Wheatstone Bridge Circuit
Power Supply: +/- 12v, Universal Input 110-260v



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