Complete Mobile Anesthesia System

Product Code: 256

Complete Surgical Anesthesia System
Stoelting’s Complete Anesthesia System was designed specifically for stereotaxic surgery! The complete system includes an Active Gas Scavenger with VetScav Filter Weighing Device, continuous flow Induction Chamber, Oxygen Generator, Low Flow O2 Meter for Mice and Rats, Wheeled Cart and Shelf. Stereotaxic instrument sold separately.
Stoelting’s Complete Surgical Anesthesia System-Specifically Designed for Stereotaxic Surgery!

The complete system includes:
Active Gas Scavenger (Product Number 50206) with VetScav Canister Weighing Device (Product Number 53026)
Continuous Induction Chamber (Product Number 53084)
Oxygen Concentrator (Product Number 50587)
Mobile Anesthesia System Complete with Isoflurane Vaporizer, Key-Filled and Low Flow O2 Meter (Product Number 53005)

Active Gas Scavenger with VetScav Canister Weighing Device features:
Active Gas Scavenging with Cost-Effective Charcoal Canisters
Alarm Detects Full Canister

Continuous Induction Chamber features:
Ergonomically Designed Sloping Front for Easy Access and Removal
Red Perspex Design to Minimize Animal Distress
Spring Hinged Lid for Added Security
Diffuser Ensures Even Distribution of Anesthetic Gases

Oxygen Concentrator features:
The Oxygen Concentrator is an economical way of providing medical grade oxygen without relying on the traditional bulky, inconvenient and costly O2 cylinders.
Never pay to refill an oxygen sensor again
Unlimited supply of oxygen at a significantly lower cost
Quiet and easy operation
Adjustable flow rate from 0.5-5 liters/min

NO Need for Heavy Tanks!

Mobile Anesthesia System with Isoflurane Vaporizer and Low Flow O2 Meter features:
Mobile Surgical Suite!
Accommodates Stereotaxic Instrument
Built-In Vaporizer and O2 Meter

Items can be purchased as a complete unit or sold separately!

Height 5 in
Diameter 3.5 in