Brainsight Neuronavigation Systems

Product Code: 172

Brainsight® brings the power and flexibility of neuronavigation, to non-human veterinary surgery.
For more than 10 years, Brainsight® has been the neuronavigator of choice for veterinary neurosurgery. We count about 400 users as our customers around the world for our combined neuronavigation products.
We are building on our neuronavigation foundation to provide a host of products and services for the neuroscience research field, including the design and manufacture of custom implants, implantable MRI coils as well as our new fMRI/ePhys combination chair

Brainsight® Includes
• Brainsight® software
• Apple iMac computer and mobile trolley
• NDI Vicra Position Sensor
• Surgical tools to simplify common procedures- cannula insertion for injections and electrode placement
• Surgical head clamp with fixation arm
• Tracker accessories to track the subject’s head and tool guide
• Custom surgical tools for needle injections or recording chamber placement

Intuitive User Interface
• Steps are displayed sequentially
• Screen layout optimizes automatically to current task
• Support for Atlas coordinates

3D Reconstruction and Visualization
• Segment and reconstruct the skull and other anatomy
• Export reconstructions into common CAD formats (e.g. for 3D printer)
• Import CAD files of implants and place them virtually on the skull

Custom Implant Design
• Load CAD file of “blank” implant and place it virtually on the skull
• Brainsight subtracts the skull shape from the implant and creates a customized CAD file
• Our state of the art machining facilities can build the implant rapidly

Custom tools and implants
• Unique, flexible surgical chair
• Fiducial marker system for accurate subject-image registration
• Custom surgical tools for many procedures

Extensive electrophysiology support
• Use our planning tools to simulate every detail of your chamber placement
• Simulate a wide variety of chambers and grid styles
• Record actual chamber location in surgery
• Work with multiple chambers simultaneously
• Reduce search time during recordings by simulating electrode placement

fMRI/ePhys Chair
• Our new combined fMRI/ePhys chair combines the features of two chairs into one well designed unit
• Supports day to day training in the upright position
• Switches to the horizontal mode for fMRI scanning using most mainstream MRI scanners
• Supports different fixation methods and animal sizes