Active Gas Scavenger

Product Code: 259

Safely Captures and Removes Anesthetic Gases
Allows for continuous flow of anesthetic gas without exposing researcher to escaped gases
Gas is recaptured by vacuum and removed via disposable Fluosorber filter canister
Supplied with a special double rodent mask for working on 1 or 2 animals
Self-contained, portable unit requires no extra ducting or ventilation
Masks for guinea pigs, cats and rabbits are available
Easy to use – simply connect to your vaporizer system and insert a Fluosorber canister
The Isoflurane, Halothane and Sevoflurane Scavenger allows continuous flow without exposing the researcher to escaped gases. It recaptures the gases by vacuum and draws them through a disposable Fluosorber filter canister, which effectively removes halothane, sevoflurane, and isoflurane (Hunter, Glen, and Butcher, Laboratory Animals 18: 42-44,1984; call for a reprint). Nitrous oxide is not removed.
Anesthetic gas from a vaporizer is connected via tubing to the scavenger unit and passed to a mask covering the animal’s nostrils. Gases are removed from the mask and immediate vicinity by vacuum in an outer mask.
The scavenger is supplied with two rat masks with tubing. Other masks for guinea pigs, cats, and rabbits are sold separately and listed below. Disposable Fluosorber canisters will absorb 200 gms of isoflurane, halothane or sevoflurane.
The disposable filter (No. 50207, ordered separately) initially weighs 1200gm. It absorbs 200gm of isoflurane or halothane, and must be discarded when it reaches 1400gm in weight. Nitrous oxide is not removed.
The Scavenger is supplied with a double Rat Mask, and a Y piece that divides the gas flow into two 15cm silicone tubes, one of which is fitted with a clamp so that only one mask may be used alone, if so desired. The silicone tubes fit directly onto the tube mounts of the Fluovac T-piece.
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Dimensions, base unit
(W x D x H)          11in. x 12in. x 7in. (27.5 cm x 30 cm x 18 cm)
Weight  32 lbs. (14.5 kg)
Voltage  110V (AC), 60Hz; 240V (AC), 50Hz