TBSI USB Pre-Programmable Neural Stimulation System

Product Code: 42

• Available with 2 channels, independently enabled and programmed
• Up to ±1mA output
• Headstage weight 3.3 grams
• Internal 60mAH rechargeable battery (battery life varies with stim pattern requirements)
• Up to 12 bits of current resolution
• Magnetically controlled on/off and standby/active mode switches
• Pulse width as short as 100µs
• LED indicators for mode type, battery life & USB charging

Power Supply
Battery life 3 5.5 Hours Re-chargeable battery with 15 minute recharge time
Input Impedance Specs
6.5kΩ ±1 mA Up to 100μs pulse width;Max output current
25 kΩ ±260 μA Up to 150μs pulse widthcurrent
50kΩ ±130 μA Up to 250μs pulse width
100kΩ ±60 μA Up to 100μs pulse width;Max recommended impedance
OptoStimHeadstage Mechanical Specs
Length 22.8 mm Edge to Edge
Width 18.4 mm Edge to Edge
Height 8.5 mm Edge to Edge
Weight 3.3 grams With connector and dipped package
Output Connector 4-Pin Male Mill-max,.050’’