nVoke Integrated imaging and optogenetics System

Product Code: 109

Integrated imaging and optogenetics system
nVoke is a revolutionary miniature microscope that combines optogenetic manipulation and wide-scale calcium imaging in a single, integrated system for gaining new insights into the neural circuitry of behavior. It offers an end-to-end solution which allows neuroscientists to accelerate their research because everything from instrument, software, support and training comes with the product. With nVoke, scientists can now understand the causal relationships between neural circuit dynamics and behavior.

Key features
• Simultaneous monitoring and manipulation of neural activity in freely moving subjects
• Common spectrally-matched indicator and opsin combinations
• Minimized biological cross-talk and maximized signal-to-noise
• Synchronous tracking and analysis of behavior

Description Specification
Modality Simultaneous optogenetic modulation and imaging
Integrated LED on microscope Yes
Objective lens NA 0.5
Field of view 600 μm x 900 μm
Working distance 100-300 μm
Frame rate 30 fps (full FOV);50 fps (½ FOV)
Sensor format 1440 x 1080 pixels
Dimensions 11 mm 19 mm x 20 mm
Weight 3 g
Data cable 2.5 m
Optogenetics (OG)
GPIO’s 4 TTL digital, 1 analog SYNC output. TRIG input
OG excitation 590-650 nm
OG irradiance (Excitatory protocol) 0-35* mW/mm2
OG irradiance (Inhibitory protocol) 0-10** mW/mm2
OG irradiance resolution 0.1 mW/mm2
OG pulse repetition rate 1-100 Hz
OG pulse duty cycle (for excitatory protocols) 0-99%
OG duration of illumination (for inhibitory protocols) 0-∞ seconds
Opsin/indicator • GcAMP/Crimson (excitatory protocols), • GcAMP/NpHR3.0 or Jaws (inhibitory protocols)
Fluorophore excitation 435-460 nm
Fluorophore excitation irradiance 0-2 mW/mm2
Fluorophore excitation irradiance resolution 0.1 mW/mm2
Fluorophore emission 490-540 nm