nVista Brain Imaging in Freely Moving Animals

Product Code: 108

The standard for visualizing calcium dynamics in freely behaving subjects
nVista is the first end-to-end solution for visualizing large-scale neural circuit dynamics in freely behaving subjects. With nVista, you can ask entirely new questions about how neural circuits shape behavior and how behavior shapes neural circuits. Today, nVista systems are generating transformative data sets at leading research institutions worldwide.
Key features
Large field of view with single-cell resolution
• Visualize and record population-scale neural activity with cellular resolution in predetermined cell types
Robust longitudinal studies
• Perform chronic imaging studies in freely behaving subjects
Natural animal behavior
• Plug into standard behavioral assays to perform time-locked imaging and behavioral experiments
Experimental flexibility
• Image most brain areas, including deep brain structures and surface brain regions
• Use fast, genetically- encoded Ca2+ indicators

Description Specification
Modality Single-channel epifluorescence
Integrated LED on microscope Yes
Objective lens NA 0.5
Field of view 650 μm x 900 μm
Working distance 100-300 μm
Frame rate 30 fps (full FOV) ; 50 fps (½ FOV)
Sensor format 1440 x 1080 pixels
Dimensions 11 mm x 14 mm x 20 mm
Weight 2 g
Data cable 2.5 m
GPIO’s 2 TTL digital, 1 analog SYNC output, 1 TRIG input
Fluorophore excitation 475/10 nm
Fluorophore excitation irradiance 0-2 mW/mm2
Fluorophore excitation irradiance resolution 0.1 mW/mm2
Fluorophore emission 535/50 nm